Water-jet liposuction is a minimally invasive cosmetic surgery which gives outstanding results. Those people who want to lose belly fat choose this kind of procedure because of its advantages over other ways of fat removal:

  • low risk;
  • long lasting effect;
  • no trauma to the tissue, nerves and veins;
  • short period of downtime.

And the main reason why patients prefer this surgery is that it provides good results even for those who are tired of practising other methods — diets, physical exercises, fitness. Water-jet delivers you the shape you desire without all those exhausting and fatiguing activities. Finnish clinic Medimatkat invites everyone who has been unsuccessfully trying to get rid of excess fat around waistline, and never managed to realize that dream. If you visit the official site of the clinic, you’ll find more information on that, and though it’s in Finnish, we’ll give you a hint that rasvaimu means liposuction.

Patients from neighboring countries — Russia, Sweden, Estonia — come to Finland for a variety of benefits:

  • prices are lower;
  • high class of services and medical care;
  • big choice of the modern cosmetic procedures;
  • the doctors and medical staff do their best to make the clients satisfied with their work.

Water-jet liposuction is being made very gently and mildly, this approach results in less bruising and bleeding, you won’t see any scars on your body. A small hose is inserted into the tissue, and the pressure of water makes the fat cells dislodge from one’s body. The solution, being formed during the surgery, is suctioned through another hose. In a short time the patient loses about 6 kg of fat.

Obviously, after this procedure, especially if the amount of fat was too big, may form the folds of stretched skin. This skin severely spoils one’s appearance. This is a very actual problem for those who have undergone obesity surgery, or lihavuusleikkaus as it’s called in Finnish. Tummy Tuck, or abdominoplasty, will help you to get rid of those folds. One can order that surgery in Medimatkat clinic, too.

We must not forget about the rules which we have to observe, not to gain extra weight again. First of all, refusal of all the drinks containing sugar. They are as addictive as harmful, because liver is flooded with fructose and glucose, and turns it into fat. Second, eat more starchy carbs — potato, rice, noodles with stir-fried vegetables. And third point is physical activities. Following all those rules, you’ll stay young, slim and full of energy for longer time.

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