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Exercise Ball Ab Workout: Basics Exercises For Home Training

Пост опубликован: 27.07.2020

Every self-respecting woman should take care of her figure. To do this, it is not necessary to go to gyms or expensive fitness clubs. You can take care of yourself at home, the main thing is desire. The problem place of almost every woman is the stomach. So that it is tightened, and the press is pumped up, it is not enough just to monitor the nutrition, you need to perform special exercises for the press. There are different sports tricks, but their units are effective.

Today we will tell you how to pump up the abs on the exercise ball. Exercises for the abs on the exercise ball will help transform your figure and tighten the abs.

  • Exercise ball workout
  • General recommendations

Swiss Ball Workout Features

Exercise ball exercises are among the most effective. When practicing with an exercise ball, you will always be in tension so as not to lose balance and not to fall off the ball. Due to this, additional muscles are included in the work. The participation of stabilizing muscles makes exercise for the abs effective. There are no restrictions for practicing with an exercise ball, the main condition is to choose a ball that will match your height. If sitting on a ball, your legs are parallel to the floor, then the exercise ball is right for you in size. Tighten the stomach and reduce the waist can only be done with the help of a properly selected sports tool.

Pilates Ball Exercises General Recommendations

A set of exercises on exercise ball will help to pump up the abs at home. The execution scheme is quite simple. The complex is suitable even for beginners. The purpose of the exercises is to strengthen and develop the abdominal muscles. Some of them act on the rectus and oblique muscles, others on everything. When swinging the abs on the ball at home, it is important to perform several exercises with an exercise ball. So you not only load different muscle groups, as a result of which the training will be effective.

The main rule of home training is regularity.

Do not be afraid to do exercise ball exercises — you definitely will not harm your body. Classes with the ball are used in their practice by physiotherapists, which once again confirms the safety and effectiveness of the «air projectile». Perform exercises on the exercise ball for the abs 3-4 times a week, and after a month the result will be noticed not only by you, but also by those around you.

Abdominal Exercise: Swiss Ball Crunch

The first recommended exercise that will allow you to get the desired result is the Swiss ball crunch. In order to do the exercise correctly, you must adhere to the following sequence:

  • Sit on the ball, fix your hands on your chest.
  • Then, alternating legs, move the ball under the back. It is in this position that you will perform crunches.
  • Slowly raise your head, then your neck and shoulders. You will feel the tension of the abdominal muscles, then lie down on the ball again.

Please note that you need to perform twisting from a sitting position.

Pumping the ball under your back, you will gradually prepare the muscles for work. At the beginning of the training complex, perform this exercise no more than 2 approaches 10 times. Over time, twist the ball up to 15 times in each approach. If you play sports and withstand physical exertion well, you can perform twisting with a weighting agent. To do this, basketball or dumbbell is suitable. Lock hands with a weighting material behind your head, then do everything according to the described scheme. Initially, it is recommended to do three approaches twelve times each. The load can be gradually increased, the number of approaches 3, 15 repetitions.

Twisting with an extra load is not recommended for beginners.

Exercise Ball Ab Workouts For The Rectus And Obliques

Ab exercise with ball: proper form

Starting position, sitting on the ball. As in the previous one, roll the exercise ball under your back, put your right hand behind your head. Lift your pelvis up, then your shoulders. Right shoulder (if the right hand is behind the head) turn left. Doing the exercise, do not forget to retract the stomach. Repeat the flow chart with your left hand. This technique is aimed at strengthening the rectus and oblique muscles of the abs.

Glute bridge on Swiss ball: correct technique

Start execution with a small number of repetitions; for beginners, two sets of 7-8 repetitions will suffice.

For this exercise on the ball, take the starting position, lying down, fix the exercise ball between the ankles, do not bend the legs. It is further recommended to follow this sequence:

  • Place your hands behind your head, grasp them with support.
  • Lift the buttocks for a few seconds, and then return to the starting position.

Butt lift — one of the options for exercise

Do not bend the lumbar, only the abs muscles should be involved in the lifts. Start the execution flow 12 times, 2 sets.

Exercise for the abs: Swiss ball rollout

A good thing on an exercise ball is to roll the ball away from you. To do this, kneel down, grab the ball with your hands. Pump it forward to feel the tension in the abdominal muscles. This technique is quite simple and effective. When performing it, it is important not to bend the spinal section, this will make it easier for you to perform with androxine alpha pharma — one of the best steroids on market, and there will be no stretching of the muscles of the abs. In the first training session, it will be enough to repeat the kickback kickbacks 30 times in two approaches.

Effective exercise for the abs

  • Lie on the floor and fix the exercise ball between the ankles, keep your hands behind your head.
  • Raise the legs with the ball 45 degrees, lift the body, and pull your hands to your feet, then return to the starting position.
  • For the first time, only 1 approach with one repetition is sufficient.

If you decide to build the abs on the ball, perform this set of exercises. Between sets, rest as little as possible so that the muscles do not come out of tone.

Статью подготовил и отредактировал: врач-хирург Пигович И.Б.



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